Summer news in 2005

Hello World. Back from Evoke with the 2nd place in our bags with our pc-demo "Yet another boring 3D flyby demo" short "Yab3dfd". Fzool also made the second place in the raytrace competition with his picture "Katze in Íl". Check out his personal Website for that picture.

Oh, and shame on us ... yet after some months we also added our Breakpoint 2005 pc-demo release "Silicon Skies".

What else to say? Well visit tUM*o5 ofcourse ;)


Execute Overdrive

BamBamBam we are back! Winning the tUM*o4 C64 demo competition. AEG and Ciaran also competed in the graphic and music competitions and got some places in the higher fields. Osiris made her debut in the graphics competition with a nice first try. And we also won the 4K Intro competition without any real competition.

And also some updates at the member section, check it out dude. See you at the usual ones in 2005.

12.10.2004 (UPDATED!) + 28.08.2004

Do you want Katakis 2?

Do you want to know which company stood behind the development of Katakis2 for C64? Then check out the website of Denaris Software

Hi everyone.
We want to ask you something: We are wondering who would be interested in a full price game of an official Katakis 2 ? (Price about 20-30Eur). Conditions: Development for C64 and/or PC Plattform. Gameplay: Enhanced Katakis followup Developers: Manfred Trenz and Smash-Designs If enough people are interested in, we will decide to create this Game ! And also Manfred will return to the C64 ! (this is definetly).

If you are intersted in Katakis 2 then please tell us your address, e-mail and if you want a pal or ntsc version, thank you! write to:

Thank you, and have fun playing Turrican 3.


tUM2004 invitation demo V1.1

Tobi finally managed it, to get the final version of our pc invitation demo for the tUM party ready.

The demo itselfs requires DirectX9.0c, so you should upgrade your system if you are still working with anything else. Thank you.


no one likes us - we dont care

Ok, finally we managed it to put our winnerdemos from Evoke2004 online. So grab them at the usual place.


Turrican 3 sources available now!

Hi everyone,

this is aeg of smash-designs. In this Zip-File you will find 12 D64-Images. Those Images include most of the final sources created for Turrican 3 c64.

I created those disks for the release to give you all the possibility to have a look at the sources, because a lot of people asked me about several things, and how they were done.

Have fun, AEG/Smash-Designs
Mirror 01


new members

hello and welcome ciaran to your new family. ciaran is our first member from the uk. he will do some sid music for our c64 section.

And we also welcome Galaktus as a new member of Smash Designs.